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klaudia67's Journal

26 October
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I love good old times, from 50s to 90s, but my favourite decade is 70s. I love 70s movies (especially horror and action), music (hard rock, glam rock, disco, pop, electro and more), clothes, cars, toys (Barbie dolls!) etc. I'm listening to oldies music, but I like rock, metal, gothic and some pop too. I dislike rap, hip hop and techno.
Horror is my favourtie genre of movies. In my opinion the best ones are from 60s-90s, but I'm watching almost every horror that I can.
I collect 80s&90s Barbie dolls (with Superstar mold).
I like Star Trek TOS and X-men (First Class is lovely).
I love slash! Erik and Charles are my favourite pairing.